Embracing Uncertainty

I was down there, on my bathroom floor, sobbing. I have done so before for legit reasons but this was the first time I didn’t know the reason. It was just a burst out of an amalgamation of many emotions at once. Usually, I don’t share feelings. I write out to myself, cry and get... Continue Reading →


Why I travel

‘So what are up to these days?’ An aunty visiting home enquired. ‘Some studying and some traveling’ ‘Oh, good you are studying, but why do you travel?’ This is the first time ever an aunty visiting home made me think. I believe in ‘ignorance is bliss’ when such people come home, but this time it... Continue Reading →

Siddhagadh Photo Story

After summers, the first monsoon trek is the most awaited thing. It wasn’t even a week I was back from Spiti and I was going back to the mountains, I was excited. To my delight, we were going to have a bike ride to the base village of Siddhagadh. I couldn’t be happier, as I... Continue Reading →

My Spiti Saga – IV

There are two ways to reach Spiti Valley. One is through Manali crossing Lahual before reaching Spiti from Kumzum Pass (15,059 ft). This route gets cut off during winters. The southern route from Kinnaur from Shimla is an all-season route. We took the southern route to reach and left Spiti Valley by crossing Kumzum Pass. ... Continue Reading →

My Spiti Saga – III

Spiti Valley was ruled by Sen Kings. In the 7th century was annexed by the kingdom of Ladakh and in the 10th century was given to one of the three sons of the King of Ladakh. Hence, the living of Spiti is similar to that in Ladakh. This is the third post in my series... Continue Reading →

My Spiti Saga – II

Historically, Spiti Valley has been a border area, even the name in Tibetian means 'the middle land', basically land between India and Tibet. Spiti has similar topography to that of Tibetian Autonomous Region and Ladakh. I hope you enjoy this second post in my series on Spiti & get to learn more about the place.... Continue Reading →

My Spiti Saga – I

In the north eastern corner of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh dwells Spiti Valley. To the east of Spiti Valley is Tibet, Ladakh is to the north while Chamba and Kullu districts of Himachal Pradesh lie to the south and west. This is my account about Spiti, I hope you enjoy reading this series,... Continue Reading →

‘We sailed through’

‘We were stuck’ can be three words that probably define what happened on my trip to Ratnagiri. ‘We sailed through’ are three words that precisely tell the full story. As planned we leave on Friday night in two cars to Ratnagiri to cover maximum sea forts. We have breakfast on the way and reach the... Continue Reading →

Valley of Vigor

‘I kept my bag aside, laid back on a rock, closed my eyes and heard only the stream on my left. In the shade of a huge rock and a little breeze from trees I couldn’t see, I spent a few moments with just the sound of the stream echoing the happiness in my soul.’... Continue Reading →

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