Flashback – Dec’16

“When asked the question, who in the class can sing? All the hands in the kinder-garden would go up! But as the same question is being asked in classes higher up till class 10, slowly numbers of hands go down. Why? As we grow up we don’t say yes, we understand our comfort zone and... Continue Reading →


Things I learned from Maa

“Maa, I had a bad day, please keep the food and bed ready. Will just eat and sleep” “Okay beta,” As I hung up the call I realized how I would call her to get things while returning home from office. How she for all the years of her work life, never had a call... Continue Reading →

Things that make me happy

What makes you happy? What is that one thing that makes you smile? What is that one thing that makes you wish, you live longer? It can be your better half, your parents, family or simply a hobby or a goal you wish to achieve. When I sat down to answer this question, there are... Continue Reading →

My First Failure

I have always been the person who puts her heart and soul even in the smallest thing asked of me. From school till last week, I have never really faced a major failure. Emotionally I have failed a million times, but for the first time last week I failed as a part of a team... Continue Reading →

My First Flight

‘Is this your first flight ever?’ ‘Yes’ ‘Yay!’ and the two girls continued some happy murmurs. ‘Why? What happened?’ ‘It is also our first flight experiences ever!’ I smiled. ‘Wow! This will be beautiful’ I said to myself. It was only a day back I had returned from the Manali Camp when I met these... Continue Reading →

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