‘I learned a new skill’

This weekend I learned a new skill. It is a common word, you must have heard it, used it many times. I wonder if you have this skill as I managed to imbibe it in the most unique way possible over the course of this weekend. I had two things I was looking forward to... Continue Reading →


Tea talk with Maa

Before leaving, “I only know one person in the entire group. I am extremely nervous about this trip.” “Don’t be Maa, leave all your worries behind and you’ll do great!” After coming, “How was it Maa?” “More than what I could ask for!” I was overwhelmed to hear Mom’s stories of the amazing week she... Continue Reading →

What now? What next?

I think I was about four years old when I first danced on stage. It was three of us performing to the old Hindi song, ‘Aplum Chaplum’. I have been told that on stage during the performance I told my fellow dancer that she did a step wrong, she stopped, we both did the right... Continue Reading →

‘my day to self’

When I got out of bed that morning I knew what I was going to do. I had done a lot of overthinking in the past days and my brain would surely explode and it was time to ease. I got dressed, put some kajal on for confidence and left home. My first stop was... Continue Reading →

‘jitne bhi tu karle sitam’

“When the going gets tough, tough gets going” I have known, read, heard this proverb a million times, but for the first time lived the essence of it. This weekend’s trek to Lingana was thus one of the most memorable ones of the year. As decided, we met to leave on Friday around 10pm. However,... Continue Reading →

‘home is a feeling’

One of the most common questions I get asked towards the end of a year is “so how many places you travelled this year?” Whatever the number I answer, small or big, the next question pops up “how do you manage to do so much travel?” Often, I humbly reply saying there are people travelling... Continue Reading →

‘easy said than done’

Scribbling pointers in my diary, I was thinking about what to write this week. I had filled pages of unconscious thoughts, wrote down few experiences of the week, but nothing helped. Writer’s block isn’t a myth after all. I had a few things to write, but not so comfortable sharing them online, there were a... Continue Reading →

‘have a good time’

I didn’t wish to write about this weekend’s trip. ‘I don’t think I have enough stories and experiences to put them to words this time’ I said to a friend. When I uttered these words to him is when I realized my mistake. I said so because the experience I had was not like my... Continue Reading →

The Konkan Kind – III

Various gods and goddesses are worshipped around Konkan region. Believers flock in from many states for blessings. I saw a few of these deities during my three-day trip. Hope you enjoyed the journey so far and love this last read in the series. One friend was supposed to leave us after dinner but her thing... Continue Reading →

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