Yay! It’s a year of my weekly!

A year back, same month, I began my first job. I did so because my results came in late and hence my admission process for masters got delayed. I took up this job, hoping to save some money for my course and travel dreams. In a few days, I felt out of place. A strong... Continue Reading →


One dare, done!

When we reached Bekare waterfall rappelling site, I saw the water and it called me towards it. I went and spent some time alone while the rappelling set up was being done. As always, I and the flowing water had a conversation. Hours back on my bed at home I wasn't even thinking to be... Continue Reading →

How do I recover?

A while back I did something horrible. I couldn’t look myself in the mirror. I don’t know if you ever did something that bad and felt so about yourself, but if you ever do, I hope this post helps you. I have low self-esteem and it got worse after I did this mistake. I struggle... Continue Reading →

Things I learned from my Pantars

Who am I? An Introvert? An Ambivert? After a lot of thought I figured I am just a difficult person, who has many insecurities and so finds it difficult to socialize and stay in touch with people. And yet, I haven’t been kicked out of this group for over four years now. ‘Pantar Log’ is... Continue Reading →

River Baby

In the recent past, I have opened up with all possible human emotions to the dear river. I have whined about life, wept about it, I have laughed and danced around it, I have cried out of sheer joy and spoken about so many emotions I didn't know existed within me. I have walked through... Continue Reading →

Why I suck!

I was thinking about ways to put forth how I am managing various emotional and practical situations in my life when I realized I suck at doing so. And here is a glimpse of it. Unrealistic Expectations I had an adventurous trek last Sunday to Songiri fort with my cousin Sanish. We were lost twice... Continue Reading →

A True Friend

“You talk the most, to yourself the entire day, so make sure, you talk well” I don’t remember the exact quote or the name of the writer but it meant what I managed to write above. And this line is important because you can lie to your best friend but not to yourself. In this... Continue Reading →

5 Travel Essentials

There can be many essentials to carry when traveling but the following are a pure no-no. If you ever went on a trip and didn’t enjoy, you probably need to take notes. There are my five travel essentials I tick mark surely before I leave. 1 No Guilt There can be a whole big list... Continue Reading →

Embracing Uncertainty

I was down there, on my bathroom floor, sobbing. I have done so before for legit reasons but this was the first time I didn’t know the reason. It was just a burst out of an amalgamation of many emotions at once. Usually, I don’t share feelings. I write out to myself, cry and get... Continue Reading →

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