‘Never compare yourself to someone, You are you’ He said.

My professor explained this common concept I have heard for years now. As he spoke I tried to figure out all the comparisons I have faced so far. To get compared to my elder sister because we look similar being the worst, expectations to score like a ranker and many more. All of these stupid comparisons have stayed with me. But I guess this was last day I would keep it with me as He again said

‘Comparisons kill Creativity’  hand5 Fingers can never be same

For a less confident person like me to hear this was such a delight. We can compare, share stuff and learn more but to me these comparisons for years together actually killed me. I am bold and on the go,forever ready to talk and give an opinion but when it came to share what I have always loved to do-my write ups this fear of getting compared killed me. But it was time now to let go of it. The climate outside was peaceful, I could see the coconut trees wave at me, tried to encourage me. As He completed the session I was so sure of sharing what I write somewhere someday soon. He also explained in the session how important it is to love oneself. If we love our self enough only then can we be confident of what we do. Thanks to this Person and This session I was blessed with on my recent Industrial Visit of my first year degree college that I finally decided to write and share my views on regular basis.

Following are the beautiful lines He shared, written by Fritz Perls, which is the ultimate cause for the birth of this blog…

“I am not in this world to live up to your expectations. You are not in this world to live up to mine. I am I & You are You and if we by chance meet, it is beautiful”


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