Different Meanings

There are various meanings to one simple thing. In Mumbai ‘non vej joke’ is a colloquial term for sexual jokes. Similarly there exists many meanings to one simple word like fan. Many jokes are made by using such words. But these words already have various meanings what about other things which have meanings that lay beneath? The smile a car driver gives before he shakes hand with the traffic police means something different than the usual formal handshake.

thinktwicenish.wordpress.com has a meaning too. I love to be spontaneous. I hardly believe to think twice before i do something and so at times I tend to take people I love for granted. I have done this many times and hurt many of my loved ones. This name of my website shall help me remind myself that I should think twice and behave myself and avoid to take anyone for granted.

I am obsessed with coconut trees and the reason is unknown. To give my blog a name I went through a lot of names but got stuck with coconutwriter as i am obsessed with both writing and coconut trees. Writing is something I love and coconut tree is something that soothes my eye even as I look at one from my window and write this.

This is the meanings of the names of my website and my blog which were i know weird. But to understand different meanings of one simple thing is not always easy. Like the one i explained of the traffic police where corruption lay the underneath meaning.

I strive to find different meanings to all things in life that i perceive and write about it. This can be stated as my blog motto. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Different Meanings

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  1. Saglyacha Arth darveles kalla pahije ase kahi garjeche nahi….It is not necessary that u shld know the meaning of each and everything always,sumthing shld be kept for tomorrow which is comming.


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