WHAT is happening?

It was recess time in my grade 6 class. My friend was absent, so for a change I sat alone. As I ate from my lunch box I saw Anish enter the class. He smartly handed over some money to the ranker Rohit and left. I wondered what was it for. Rohit told me he gets paid from Anish to show him answers in exams. I was shocked! Someone made money out of copying in exams…

WHY is it happening?

The root cause of copying in an exam lies in the disinterest of children to study. There is no love for studies created. There is a fear of failing, traumatizing us. This small fear leads to an extent of making money out of it.

As a human once we figure out a simpler way of doing something we do not go back to the tough one. My friends who have got used to this bad habit give stupid explanations and make up stories to satisfy their guilt that they are not doing wrong. It is also passed on from a generation to the next.

Exam is not that an old phenomena. But copying in an exam has definitely been passed on from current generation to the future. I have noticed school children of grade 6 or 7 making chits in train. These kids awkwardly hid it in their socks, ties etc as they discuss how their brothers and sisters did it.

Suggestions to curb it

The solution is to kill the root cause. The way things are taught should change. Children should love what they study. This is not easy in a country where making people literate is the first goal. But it is not impossible either.

To be honest and morally right may not be simple to teach to a school kid. But to make him love what he studies is. A teacher shouldn’t horrify students with the things that shall follow if he is caught copying instead show him how fun can it be to study.

Many teachers ignore students who copy even in Board exams. Actions should be taken against them. Because of such teachers children even began making money out of this act.

On an individual level one should try to be morally right.


4 thoughts on “Copy-Right?

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  1. A good one, I must say..
    I like the way you have written everything in different sections.. This is a good systematic way to present your views.. Keep writing.. Keep smiling.. 🙂


  2. “My friends who have got used to this bad habit give stupid explanations and make up stories to satisfy their guilt that they are not doing wrong.” i really liked this line that you have mentioned.
    well…i must say you have composed all those topics beautifully.
    And i don’t know how many fans you have right now but i am sure you have made one.


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