An Opinion

Prejudice is an opinion not based on reason or experience. It is an unfair behavior based on such opinions. This is what the dictionary tells me. But I feel it is way beyond this…

‘Do you have some water?’ a lady in burqa asked

‘No’ the lady in sari said

The lady in burqa left to get down from the train. And after sometime, this lady drank water from her bottle. She discussed with her friends why she would not ever help a lady in burqa.

This incident that I saw last week is still fresh in my mind. But there are so many of them. Many such incidents proves how me people in trains, on roads or at functions have Prejudice towards this community. I fail to understand why. There are Christian terrorist troops in the west, shocked? Did not know about it? Go Google it. There are Hindu Babas getting fame for the wrong reasons lately, but do we hate them or their community? Why would we, we are too busy to hate the terrorists we know and in turn have a strong socialized hatred towards the entire community.

The lady who did not offer water discussed all the bad experiences she faced with people of that community. I am not here to discuss religion, I am humanistic. And from my perspective there was no fault of the thirsty lady. I believe no one or no religion in this world is perfect. I believe to rejoice the good values from each and leave the rest. But as a humans we always end up enjoying the faults of others.

Psychologist McGuire says that parental influence on a kid is so huge that family can be termed as Total Institution. If a parent has prejudice towards certain community, the child will develop it too. So we need to be more careful of what we say or do in front of a kid.

We have always heard that half knowledge about something is more dangerous. So I feel one should try to understand the entire history of a religion or of a community they hate and then have an opinion.


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