‘Imagine your own character. Feel it. Then create a back-story of it, by asking Who What Why Where and How. Then be clear and confident of your character and just perform it without fear of anything at all. When on stage you have co-actors, try and understand their back-story and try to respond accordingly. If you are able to do this, you shall have a successful performance.’

This is the advice I got from one of my seniors during drama class. But as I am used to finding another meaning to everything, even this made a different sense to me.

If you imagine yourself, you know your back-story, you can feel it.  If you know who you are, what you want, where and how far are you from your goal at the moment and how to achieve it.You just have to go and perform it without the fear of anything at all. And while you do this you shall have your friends, classmates, family as your co actors and companions. If you can understand their back-story and react accordingly, you are sure to succeed.

I could relate this bit to many real life incidents. Kindly comment and tell me if this made sense to your realities.


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