Charlie and A Smile

“Why am I so small? Why can’t the rain drops that make me wet tell me their proper address? Why don’t they ever speak to me?”

I overheard this as I sat on the plank near the bridge.

“I wish I could just walk over the sea and touch the horizon. I wonder if I could move somewhere and find a place without a horizon.”

I felt my inner voice was being echoed as I have always wished to touch the horizon line and find the house of raindrops. I turned around to look who it was, but found no one.

Something poked my ankle; “my name is Charlie, if at all you are looking for me.” It was the same voice I heard just now.

Charlie was a small flower in the grass. It looked like the wheat or maize grain shown in biscuit or flour advertisements. It was deep green at the bottom and highlighted yellow at the top. I put my fingers over it to greet a hello. Charlie was entirely made of tiny seed stuck together to look like a wheat grain. These seeds were so soft; it reminded me of a pussy cat.

“I know I am awesome but you may take your hand away now and introduce yourself.”

“Oh, sorry, I am Sarah, and really you think you are awesome? Liar, you were complaining not even a minute ago of why you are so small…”

“Oh you heard it, but that is all what I think of me inside me. To you or anyone else I would always say I am awesome!”

“We both are so similar, I think the same. Whatever I may think of me to everyone I say I am awesome and even I wish to touch the horizon and go to the house of these raindrops pouring over me. But tell me why where you complaining of being small?”

“Look at you and look at me. I am not even the size of your palm. I wish to move to places but I am stuck here since I am born. Look at the colour of my tips, it is faded to yellow. I am an old grass flower. Apart from making few close friends I have done nothing.”

“Who are your close friends?”

“Two butterflies, a spider and one huge frog.”

“Oh, wow”

“No, nothing is so good with these close friends. We do have a lot of fun when together but they hardly come to meet me.”

“Don’t be sad Charlie; I am your new companion.  Just be happy for the life you have within you and the moments you have cherished so far.”

“It is easy to say so…”

“No it is not. Charlie every day I feel and wish at least one thing I do not have. But one fine day I realize there is no point in doing so and then again back to square one. The wishes and wants never end. There is a lot I want to achieve. Sometimes it is just okay to smile and feel proud of what we are.”

“You said I am like you which means even you have complaints and unfulfilled wishes?”

“Yes I do”

“So Sarah, can you promise to be happy forever? Can you promise me of never complaining? Can you promise me of being forever satisfied of what you are? If you can do so, believe me even I shall never ever complain about anything.”

“Charlie, it is human nature to be never satisfied of anything. I can’t promise you of being satisfied forever… but I can surely promise of being happy. Instead whenever I shall feel sad and totally lose all hopes over anything in life I shall simply say Charlie and smile.”

“Great idea I shall do the same, I will scream Sarah and a smile.”

I do not write much of fiction but I wrote this one for an assignment in college. I actually have applied the principle this piece talks about and it works. Hope you all liked it as well.


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