Paper Straw Bracelet DIY

Let us make this !

Materials Required are

1 A bunch of colourful craft papers

2 Glue and Scale

3 Straws

4 Thread or Wool

5 Scissor and transparent tape

Materials Required

Step 1

Put some tape on the craft paper, adjust the straw on it and roll along till the end and glue it. Using tape at the start helps the paper to be more tight around the straw

After this let it dry for some time & mark lines around 3cm as per the size you wish to have for the beads of the bracelet

Roll to make the beads

Step 2

Make as many as you require. I tried to be colourful.

These colourful beads :*

Step 3

Make a loop in the thread and have two sides in both your hands.

Put thread in your right hand in one bead, insert thread in left hand on the other side of same bead

Right hand

Step 4

Repeat the process until you reach the end, try it on your wrist and make it your size

DSC_0436 (1)
It is Ready !

Yes that small is the size of my wrist 😉

Do add your own taste to this simple small my DIY bracelet as well and tag me soon 🙂


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