Keep going, don’t stop writing: DBC Pierre

A conversation that inspired and enlightened me at the Tata Literature Live 2015

I saw him walk by as Mumbai’s heat kissed each part of his face and dropped down at the garden of Experimental Theatre, NCPA. His honesty at the previous session dragged me towards him to appreciate it.

‘You are one of the few authors, who carries his heart on his sleeves’

‘oh really, thanks for appreciating’

‘A session by Susan Laidlaw yesterday has made me go back and began again my unfinished novel’

‘Oh! That’s great, I am not that disciplined, a writer, but the secret… is keep going and never stop writing’

‘Can you give me some advice on how to make my book better?’

‘There is actually a formula to make a book-page-turner, I mean if they’d give me a book and pen at the previous session, I would put the formula down’

I grabbed this opportunity and DBC Pierre wrote for me on my notepad, explained to me with examples, now in some shade of Experimental Theatre garden.

Obviously what he wrote in my notepad is my little secret.

Thank You, Susan Laidlaw for taking me back to to my unfinished novel and Thank You DBC Pierre for being such an inspiration not only as a writer but as a human being. And as promised, I shall complete my book and have a big thank you written for both my inspirations on my first page. Thank You, Tata Lierature Live for making conversations with such amazing authors possible.


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