Ideal Lunch @ Olympia Coffee House

I sat on the chair near the window on first floor of the Olympia Restaurant opposite to Leopold Café at Colaba. I was there to grab a lunch with my college friends. This was another time we did not want to have our canteen food and dashed into a restaurant nearby.

As we entered, the man near the counter greeted us in Urdu. His beard black &thick which almost reached his chest scared me but his smile made for it. I smiled back at him as my friends greeted him back in the same language.

It was a Saturday afternoon. The place was almost full. My friends informed me that on Fridays this place is closed so crowd seemed a little more. Foreigners, middle aged people, another teen group like us were around. A typical crowd one shall find in South Bombay Restaurant.

The feel of the place is very authentic. The waiters, the man at the counter are all in the traditional Muslim clothes-long collar kurtas and loose pants. The walls are painted in olive green and reflect to the hanging lights. The stones near the window pane shine like pearls. The glasses and jug on the table give Olympia a classy edge. This place is also called ‘mughlai’ rightly so as it gives the ‘mughal’ era feel.

The food options here include all varieties of Chicken and Mutton one may think of. Beef, fish curry and crabs are also available. Vegan may get Biryani and Vegetarian Rice Plate, dry vegetables, chapattis and curries. The best part of Olympia is its pocket friendly prices. The Mutton and Chicken Biryani costs only Rs.120 a plate and half the price for half plate. All other dishes are also reasonable.

I could smell by now the chicken come by. Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani and Butter Chicken where the three orders we placed. The food came in within 10mintues of the order. I was shocked. I never got a chicken order so soon. The food looked tasty. The big chicken piece with a little lemon over it tasted heavenly! We all ate to our hearts content.

We did not have place for dessert but had to taste the well known ‘sheer-kurma’ the only dessert available here. Sweet taste of milk topped with dry-fruits tasted yum. Indeed Olympia is an ideal lunch any day for all.


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