Sukhman: A Happy Heart

During my recent trip to Sikkim, at a home stay in Nimachin, I met Sukhman. I feel each person we meet has a role to play in our life and Sukhman taught me few things I shall cherish forever.

I was panting when I first saw Sukhman, it was quite a climb up till the home stay. He fought with me to carry my bag, I refrained to give in. He was half my size but yet hopeful that I would ask his help, he walked besides me at my snail pace till I reached up. After I got fresh and was up for a walk with my camera he offered me few lichis stating they are healthy.

IMG_20160601_074051413A little later I was trying to capture few flowers when I took a candid photo of him. He was curious to know how did I do it, for the first time I taught camera basics to someone. With the little idea of camera, we together clicked some flower pictures. A little later just before we left he came to me and gave a blue bangle, said thank you and ran away.

He was in class 7, his parents lived somewhere near his school. Working here at the home stay helped him go to school though he missed his school the day we reached as we were a big number to manage.He had a girlfriend and all his future plans of a home, Scorpio were with her. Yet he was secretive about his real name, his family and his pay.

At that small age he managed to hide his struggle and make me smile with his little jokes, lichis and bangle. I would never come to know about his real story had he not opened up to one of my friends at the camp.

Every time I look at the bangle he gave me I ask my self when was the last time I stood besides someone for help? When was the last time I tried to not whine and tried to make someone else smile?


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