Raghu Ram’s Journey Reviewed

Book Name: Raghu: Rearview My Roadies Journey

Author: Raghu Ram

Publication: Rupa Publications

Pages: 290

Price: Rs. 195/-

The book Raghu: Rearview My Roadies Journey holds interest to people who have watched Raghu Ram on television. But has a message to all youngsters and adults alike. This autobiography takes you through the journey of Roadies from Raghu’s eyes and in the process unveils the real Raghu Ram to you. Each chapter effortlessly pictures an episode of his life and the book feels like a complete series of such episodes.

The first chapter helps even a non Roadie fan to understand the context of who Raghu is and makes one curious about his life. The way he is perceived is put forth clearly and is a perfect hook to continue reading.

The shift of point of view is swift in the second chapter where the mother is trying to understand and accept that she is going to have twins. How the family and surrounding react to it and help her in their own ways is a must read. The mind of a pregnant woman is captured perfectly in this chapter.

In the third chapter itself readers get a bite of a childhood reality of Raghu’s life. Childhood experience shapes the personality of people and this chapter makes you believe that. However there is a twist at the end of the chapter, making one curious to read the next page.

Many people wish to go back to their childhood wish to relive some moments but however Raghu says he would rather jump off a cliff, the reason to this is properly portrayed in the fourth & last chapter of his childhood. Each chapter’s end and the name of the next chapter are proper hooks to continue reading the next page.

The glimpse into the life of a Delhi teen is seen the fifth chapter. It is about drinks, guitar & obsession with MTV. It explains how Raghu developed his musical side which he never let go of.

There is always a reason to everything we strongly believe in. And why Raghu Ram feels that the education system is faulty, the sixth chapter is the reason. It is one of the horrible episodes of his life put in the simplest words relatable to every youngster.

Now the book takes you to the era when television was new, how things worked back then. With little idea of what the future held for him, Raghu did his first job at television with all his heart. Here the love for working for television grew stronger. This chapter gives very clear understanding of working of television around the 90s.

With lot of efforts, Raghu finally lands up his dream job in MTV. Small tasks to be done but does it with all his love. Till the ninth chapter the narrative explains how difficult working for television is yet Raghu loved doing it. Time lapses and Raghu realizes that he has become a workaholic which calls for change of events in the next chapter.

A major burnout occurs and Raghu no more is working. No job at all, gives up on everything and searches for something less stressful basically a job at a higher post now. With lot of struggle gets one with BBC which becomes a life changing experience and how, chapter 11 unfolds!

This chapter is probably the most cherished episode of Raghu’s life, one can make out with the way it is written. After all, love is found here and Raghu gets bald look. Both of which have interesting stories written in quite a novelist way where one can picture each happening in detail.

One step, two steps and then the next, that is how one climbs the ladder of life’s achievements. First job, few more jobs, then first job with MTV, later a total burn out, then a job with BBC & now with luck back to MTV. Finally in the 12th chapter we hear ‘Roadies’ and how it all begun. This chapter is worth a read in every way to understand how the master plan is already made and we are just pawns to Lord’s plan.

Raghu as the senior executive producer for the very first season of Roadies had a different role to play than he had in his last season of Roadies. This part is an interesting read and the making of Raghu as a person on-off screen begins here. The role of Rannvijay is still at bay but the crisp writing makes you crave for more.

From the 14th chapter onwards, the entire book has flashbacks, flash forwards and back to the present quite intelligently written. The meat of the second season of Roadies is served in this chapter; kindly take it with a pinch of salt. Also Raghu finds a younger brother here, read on to find out.

No show can be built by one person alone, a team makes it. The team that made Roadies what it became gets formed before Roadies 3. Yet, there is love-hate emotions from Raghu’s end for season 2 & 3 which is well spelled out throughout this chapter.

Can Raghu have a romantic side to him? This roller-coaster chapter which revolves around his marriage and Roadies 4 will give you the answer. Also, the shifts from flashback to present in this chapter are a bit abrupt than previous chapters but works well by the end.

The 17th chapter explains the entire working of Roadies as a show and is a must read for all those who feel Roadies is rigged. From forming of the crew, the tasks, the twists, the shoot and the edits everything has been put into words for layman to understand without making any bit of it sound boring.

You are put on a pedestal from one side & at the same time you are cursed on the other, both in equal proportion. How to ever deal such a situation, this episode that is this chapter of Raghu’s life will tell you. This part specifically is written to the point and in a crisp way. From this chapter on the writing depicts each emotion that he wishes to express, one of the qualities of a fine writer.

Have you ever worked at a stretch too much that you wished to just do nothing? Have you felt you are not giving yourself and your loved ones enough time? How does one deal with it? Read this chapter to know a few dos and donts of this situation.

After completing six seasons with a crew, losing track completely for a year and then coming back to the same job and trying to work with a new crew can be more difficult that it sounds on paper. However Roadies 8 was one of the best seasons and this chapter gives in all small to big detail of making of it. Flashbacks and flash forwards become mandatory by now in every chapter.

Everything or Nothing, what would you choose? This question was the theme and tag of the ninth season. Many small life lessons hid in the making of this season, this is also why and how autobiographies teach you things.

The first ever making of the tenth edition of a reality show unravels and all kinds of twist and turns occur in reality. Yet, the last season where Raghu is part of is aired and reaches the high he had once made it to. The question that what is Roadies and what does it mean to be a Roadie, only this last chapter can explain it to you.  Irrespective of your age, your perception of this man and his show, Raghu’s autobiography has something to take back for everyone.


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