Food Feelings

The one thing I dislike is ‘food’, eating and the entire cycle of it. It has been made for a reason and I respect it. This is my confession, apologies to people who love food, kindly not be offended, but there is not a thing I like about food.

It was difficult to come in terms with this, accept this feeling as ‘normal’ because of the reactions I would receive. ‘This is the reason you are thin, all fat people should start hating food, problem solved’ or for worse would not react but just laugh it off.But my point of confessing this dislike for food doesn’t end here. It was ‘hate’ earlier especially sweets but I have come down to ‘dislike’, so there is improvement.

I came up with a broader solutions to this, for who ever feels or felt like me anytime in life or knows someone who feels this way. One is to explore food as anything else, history of it etc. Try to engage with it as an entity, research on that one taste you relish in my case spicy. Going deeper into this is to finding videos of making of these foods and trying it out.

The other thing that works best is surrounding yourself with food lovers. Trust me, this is the easiest task ever. Once you are around them, it helps to kind of create even for the slightest second, love for food, it helps to eat more.




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