3 P’s to Practice

Two weeks into my last academic year in college, I realised I hadn’t learned something important – to put forth what I feel in my class, without the fear of being judged. I still didn’t have the guts to say what I felt, I wrote down things in my book but my lips didn’t manage to say it.

However, on the first day of the third week a miracle happened, I went for a walk on the beach alone, analysed whatever was happening and penned down how one can get over this and speak in class without fear. These are the 3P’s that I keep rewinding in my head when such a fear hits my head.


One important thing which helped the fear to rule my mind was the loss of confidence I had in the opinion I had to put forth. In order to feel more confident about what needs to be said, it needs to churn well in my head. I read up and justified and convinced myself before saying it.


It is an art to learn how to say it. I have heard this a million times, ‘Your point was right but the way you said was wrong’. This is something I am still working on, how to say what I feel in the most polite way possible. However, it is almost a month I have got over this fear to speak in class and have been doing well so far.


After saying what needs to be said it is essential to make peace with it. You can be wrong or right, once said, discussed and done the thought should be off the head. Keep mulling over the thought is not going to help in anyway irrespective of the point being right or wrong.

These 3P’s helped me overcome fear of speaking in class, but it also made me speak in other public gatherings with confidence.


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