Conformity 2.0

“Yes, my biceps are wonderful, shall gym hard for triceps. Six packs coming soon” said a friend sarcastically when teased for being fat.

I loved this reply. However, I wondered about the cause of the reply. If you have ever replied to someone in this way who has teased you for being thin, fat etc, great! You have dealt with them the right way. All these biceps photos, at the gym posts don’t let them disturb you. However, I wish to say that please believe in yourself and do things to stay fit and not for conforming to anything.

I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself (Rita Maebrown) and therefore I am going to focus on loving myself the way I am, let conformity take a walk alone!

“Sexy selfies and lipstick pouts are in, you should upload one on soon” advised a friend when I complained of her social media being full of it.

My heart sank at this reply; I wondered what is so ‘in’ about all of this. It’s okay to follow latest trends, but this trend of selfies I seriously have issue with. Almost every girl suddenly owns a red lipstick. Why? If you genuinely have a reason for all those sexy selfies and pouts, okay.

To be yourself in this world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment (Ralph Waldo Emerson) Are these selfies trying to make me something I am not? Answer this before you post something next time.

Be neither a conformist nor a rebel, for they are really the same thing, find your path and stay on it. (Paul A Vixie) Question what you conform and rebel to. Be convinced of what you do, don’t force anything on yourself.

Conformity has glided a level up now. From real world to the virtual world, conformity has taken a big step. Which is why I request everyone reading this to be aware and try to be as close to your real being as possible. Don’t let the virtual world suck you in.



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