Things I learned from people as I traveled

This year, I am thankful that I traveled. I still can’t believe how beautiful the year has been travel wise. There are few people I came across as I traveled from whom I learned, and had lessons to cherish forever. These people have made my travel diary smile brighter!

About two days after my birthday I was with 5 friends on a trail from Lonavla to Bhimashankar. We lost our way and asked for help. A man we met said 600/person charges to show us the way. We walked off and found ourselves lost again. Tired after our efforts, drenched in sweat we sat under a tree when we saw an old man come our way. We asked him for help to which he quickly said

I’ll just inform my family, if you can wait, then I’ll come show you the way

This old man helped us through the rest of the trail. Showed us where we could drink water, where we could rest. He cared for us without expecting anything in return. When we reached Bhimashankar, we gave him whatever we could, for him and his family.

On my second visit to Sikkim, I came across many interesting people. One of them who had a major impact on me was Prashant Rasaily, a film maker we had a session with as a part of our last industrial visit. This film maker in a couple of hours spoke things that made my mind go crazy.

‘‘World has many successful people, not happy people, so grow to be happy people’’

He made me think of life in terms of how much happy I am, with just his words he made me think of my 20 years. How much of it have I made it worth? Have I really lived happy enough?

His session with us was supposed to be about his upcoming movie, about cinema in Sikkim etc. He did speak about all that but he wished the session to be much more than that. He urged us all to become happy people. He motivated us to think in terms of making a mark and helping the society than just doing what we wish to.

The trip to Ladakh was beautiful and it was our last lunch before we left. I was almost done eating when I saw a monk enter. I smiled at him and he smiled back. I went up to him to have a conversation.

I asked him his name, he replied. I asked him what he does, he looked puzzled and then smiled, I am a monk. I asked again, what do you do? He said, I do many things, overall I try to find meaning to my life. Wow. I thought, how do I find meaning to my life without becoming a monk?

We further talked about his life. A tradition that his family follows is to give away one son from the family to monastery. His younger brother wished to be a doctor and so it was upon him to become a monk. He wished to be a writer, he read a few poems he had written in his language and explained me the meaning in English. I asked him, what will you do with this writing talent? How are you going to nourish it?

He smiled and said, I am trying to find meaning to my life, writing is only a medium.

The old man I met made me realize that I should always try to help someone in need, selflessly. And that its always in my hands to be good and helpful to someone or make profit out of someone’s misery.

The film maker made me question how I am living my life, it was like a mirror. To be a happy human is my goal than a successful one, thanks to him!

The monk I had a word with in a simple conversation made me realize that how lightly I am taking my love of writing and that I should put in more efforts. I am thankful to have come across them as learning from each is making me and travel diary smile brighter!



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  1. Isn’t it ironic that we are supposed to learn in the educational institutions where we spend a good quarter of our life but end up actually learning so much more in the few days that we travel? 🙂
    Very well written!
    P.S. The picture of AMK range! ❤


    1. So true. I have surely learned more outside the class, always. Be it through sports, dance and now treks and travels. Yes, AMK has a special place in my heart for various reasons, I hope you have been there. Also, our thoughts match a lot, may be we should connect on some other medium for a conversation.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to climb AMK but definitely plan to, subject to things falling in place! I must have read and researched about 100 odd forts while shortlisting prospective treks and drawing maps, which is why I can identify most of the popular forts/ranges in Sahyadri 🙂

        And absolutely! I would be very happy to connect through some other platform! I can’t find a contact form on your blog to message the details, can you please contact me or alternatively, you can use the form on my blog!

        Liked by 1 person

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