‘We sailed through’

‘We were stuck’ can be three words that probably define what happened on my trip to Ratnagiri. ‘We sailed through’ are three words that precisely tell the full story. As planned we leave on Friday night in two cars to Ratnagiri to cover maximum sea forts. We have breakfast on the way and reach the... Continue Reading →


Valley of Vigor

‘I kept my bag aside, laid back on a rock, closed my eyes and heard only the stream on my left. In the shade of a huge rock and a little breeze from trees I couldn’t see, I spent a few moments with just the sound of the stream echoing the happiness in my soul.’... Continue Reading →

A Tantalizing Trek Tale

I love bike rides. It has a different charm. I and my usual bike partner cousin were on a roll as we sang through the whole drive. From Sukhvinder’s “Oh ho oh ho” to “O mere dil k chein” our playlist had a smooth ride with our bullet. We finally parked our bikes at 4am... Continue Reading →

A Sweet-Sour Trip

“Live the moment for the moment,” Michael Jordon. I am not so fond of starting write ups with quotes but this one explains what I wish to convey here. I like things planned and it freaks me out when a plan doesn’t work. And this is exactly why life keeps freaking me out every now... Continue Reading →

A trip of Faith

I was stuck on a small patch with hardly some grip and a group of thorn shrubs, trying to find my way up. Three people crossed me, I tried to follow but just couldn’t. I felt stuck with three people ahead, rest too behind to help. What next? A fourth person came by, I followed... Continue Reading →

Flashback – Travel’17

I am grateful that 2017 has proved to be a year full of beautiful experiences. A year where I managed to have 12 trips-some for a day, some for two and 2-3 trips of more than a week. During each trip I had experiences adding different shades to my personality. I realized my potential in... Continue Reading →

Flashback – Dec’16

“When asked the question, who in the class can sing? All the hands in the kinder-garden would go up! But as the same question is being asked in classes higher up till class 10, slowly numbers of hands go down. Why? As we grow up we don’t say yes, we understand our comfort zone and... Continue Reading →

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