The Konkan Kind – III

Various gods and goddesses are worshipped around Konkan region. Believers flock in from many states for blessings. I saw a few of these deities during my three-day trip. Hope you enjoyed the journey so far and love this last read in the series. One friend was supposed to leave us after dinner but her thing... Continue Reading →


The Konkan Kind – II

Konkan plain stretches approximately 530km and is almost 45-76km in width. I experienced only a tiny bit of the mighty Konkan and here is the second post in my series, hope you enjoy the read. After a good sleep, we were all up on time and headed to explore Vijaydurg fort by 6:15am. As we... Continue Reading →

The Konkan Kind – I

Konkan is the coastal plain region between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. It is home to many beautiful beaches, forts and temples. This is the first post in the series of my experience of the Kind Konkan. I hope you enjoy the read and perhaps learn something new. I had yet... Continue Reading →

One dare, done!

When we reached Bekare waterfall rappelling site, I saw the water and it called me towards it. I went and spent some time alone while the rappelling set up was being done. As always, I and the flowing water had a conversation. Hours back on my bed at home I wasn't even thinking to be... Continue Reading →

River Baby

In the recent past, I have opened up with all possible human emotions to the dear river. I have whined about life, wept about it, I have laughed and danced around it, I have cried out of sheer joy and spoken about so many emotions I didn't know existed within me. I have walked through... Continue Reading →

5 Travel Essentials

There can be many essentials to carry when traveling but the following are a pure no-no. If you ever went on a trip and didn’t enjoy, you probably need to take notes. There are my five travel essentials I tick mark surely before I leave. 1 No Guilt There can be a whole big list... Continue Reading →

Siddhagadh Photo Story

After summers, the first monsoon trek is the most awaited thing. It wasn’t even a week I was back from Spiti and I was going back to the mountains, I was excited. To my delight, we were going to have a bike ride to the base village of Siddhagadh. I couldn’t be happier, as I... Continue Reading →

My Spiti Saga – IV

There are two ways to reach Spiti Valley. One is through Manali crossing Lahual before reaching Spiti from Kumzum Pass (15,059 ft). This route gets cut off during winters. The southern route from Kinnaur from Shimla is an all-season route. We took the southern route to reach and left Spiti Valley by crossing Kumzum Pass. ... Continue Reading →

My Spiti Saga – III

Spiti Valley was ruled by Sen Kings. In the 7th century was annexed by the kingdom of Ladakh and in the 10th century was given to one of the three sons of the King of Ladakh. Hence, the living of Spiti is similar to that in Ladakh. This is the third post in my series... Continue Reading →

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