9 Weeks, 9 Words : Conscious

Living my last 9 weeks at my first job with a series of 9 posts that shall try to embrace every aspect learned from this job. Words mean more when stories are attached to it and in every sense I have learned the meaning of these 9 words. Read through the series and hopefully there... Continue Reading →


Funny Guy

About you funny guy I am unable to decide Whether I should come and express Or let it be within me Should I tell you How I feel Should I tell you How you make me feel About you funny guy I am not sure How you will react To the volcanoes of emotions To... Continue Reading →

BRO Quotes

It is like the drive up Nathu La was listening to music, while the drive down understanding the lyrics. As the ride took little pace suddenly I saw a picture of my dad yes, in my driver it usually happens to me when I speak to elderly men The climate outside was getting cooler As... Continue Reading →

The Balance – II

‘What’s your name?’ ‘Nisha’ ‘What's your full name’ ‘Nisha Navgire’ ‘Okay, so what are you?’ This question expects a certain answer, and if it doesn’t receive it, there are high chances of the person asking it being offended. And I can definitely have a degree at offending people in this context as my answers usually... Continue Reading →

The Balance – I

I never found myself to be a complete introvert, or completely an extrovert. But after a bit of research I found this quote and it made me feel better. “There is no such thing as a pure introvert or extrovert.” Carl Jung. He proposed that each individual has both introverted and extroverted side and it... Continue Reading →

A trip of Faith

I was stuck on a small patch with hardly some grip and a group of thorn shrubs, trying to find my way up. Three people crossed me, I tried to follow but just couldn’t. I felt stuck with three people ahead, rest too behind to help. What next? A fourth person came by, I followed... Continue Reading →

2017 ended well!

“This is a good spot I’ll tell you the story here” said our guide at the Ranthambore fort as our group stood aside to listen. He spoke for about 10 minutes. Some laughed, some tried to control it and almost everyone was giggly the whole time. He indeed did tell a story, actually tell would... Continue Reading →

Respecting Life

Have you also delayed work when you had too much time to do it? Wasted the holidays in between exams and struggled to study on the last day? Something similar happened with me this week. I had time from Friday to work on my blog and I started to ideate finally on Sunday afternoon. The... Continue Reading →

Do It Right

I got to finally blogging every week, maintained a travel book, a monthly planner, an ideation book, read many books, drew few doodles/drawings and wrote poems for Insta posts. In one sentence, this is my entire 2017. I didn’t write poetry until Jan last year. There was a certain amount of fear I had about... Continue Reading →

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