My First Horror Film

‘Let’s go for Conjuring 2’ someone texted in my group and everyone bombarded with a yes. I read and didn’t respond as I am scared of horror films. A friend in the group insisted I should watch it and face my fears to which I politely denied. The next day someone read reviews and said... Continue Reading →


My First Trek

My first big college trip to Malvan in Oct 2015 moulded me in many ways. It gave birth to this blog and planted a seed of travelling within. This trip made me revisit my vague childhood trekking memories. The same year in December my cousin asked me if I wished to go the highest peak... Continue Reading →

My First Mistake

My first mistake is about this one person I loved, my first love. After five years, my first mistake. Five years is the maximum time I have ever taken to realize that something I did was a mistake. It has taken me a year now to admit it finally that indeed my first love was... Continue Reading →

My First Snow Trek

I had many beautiful experiences this summer. I have learned double fold from each experience. Brighu Lake Trek which I did in May 2017 with Wilson College Nature Club was one such experience. Brighu Lake in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh has an elevation of 4300 meters (14,100ft). It is said to be named after... Continue Reading →

My first job

What are your favorite childhood memories? I popped this question to few of my friends to receive a different range of answers. I was going to work over these answers, write something but then my first job happened. My interview was smooth; it lasted a day almost as if I worked there that day too.... Continue Reading →

What Ladakh taught me

One place, two people, many learning(s). Lt Gen PJS Pannu's speech 'We shed our biases at the academy' From different parts of the country with various backstories but one dream to serve the nation, many army men come to the academy. All of it is left behind when each one of them adorns the same... Continue Reading →

Let’s Sip & Swap!

Enter into a beautiful ambiance, have conversations (not chats) over books with book lovers and leave with a new book I would actually read. My kind of party? Hell yeah! Emotions are Offline is where I dived into this idea first, where I felt there is a need for people to go offline to find meaning... Continue Reading →

When I met Salma

Her smile tried to hide the evident pain in her eyes. While adding sugar to her coffee she said ‘I was fighting for his daughter’s education but he tried to kill me twice.’ She talked about her other hardships with the same ease. Did she become numb to her problems or speaking about them with... Continue Reading →

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