It’s Never Enough!

“I was glad to see you, little good girl, God bless you, come every year, eat well now…” he caressed my head as I was sitting down to eat. I looked up at him, smiled and nodded. I couldn’t utter a word as I felt so loved. It was my friend’s dad, he did the entire... Continue Reading →


My Spiti Saga – IV

There are two ways to reach Spiti Valley. One is through Manali crossing Lahual before reaching Spiti from Kumzum Pass (15,059 ft). This route gets cut off during winters. The southern route from Kinnaur from Shimla is an all-season route. We took the southern route to reach and left Spiti Valley by crossing Kumzum Pass. ... Continue Reading →

A bond that matters

‘How much ever you try to be tough and rude with me, I know what person you are inside, and that is why I will be there for you no matter what’ said Anay, in his father’s accent, explaining why he loves his dad. This quote from him helped me believe what I had read... Continue Reading →

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