My Spiti Saga – II

Historically, Spiti Valley has been a border area, even the name in Tibetian means 'the middle land', basically land between India and Tibet. Spiti has similar topography to that of Tibetian Autonomous Region and Ladakh. I hope you enjoy this second post in my series on Spiti & get to learn more about the place.... Continue Reading →


Valley of Vigor

‘I kept my bag aside, laid back on a rock, closed my eyes and heard only the stream on my left. In the shade of a huge rock and a little breeze from trees I couldn’t see, I spent a few moments with just the sound of the stream echoing the happiness in my soul.’... Continue Reading →

A week with Maa

“I am so happy you are home,” Mom smiled. “Yeah, me too” “No seriously, I haven’t felt so happy in a while,” Mom embraced me. After this, I did a happy dance in my head. And dug a hole where I buried all my worries of work, my guilt of not doing anything at all... Continue Reading →

A Tantalizing Trek Tale

I love bike rides. It has a different charm. I and my usual bike partner cousin were on a roll as we sang through the whole drive. From Sukhvinder’s “Oh ho oh ho” to “O mere dil k chein” our playlist had a smooth ride with our bullet. We finally parked our bikes at 4am... Continue Reading →

Funny Guy

About you funny guy I am unable to decide Whether I should come and express Or let it be within me Should I tell you How I feel Should I tell you How you make me feel About you funny guy I am not sure How you will react To the volcanoes of emotions To... Continue Reading →

BRO Quotes

It is like the drive up Nathu La was listening to music, while the drive down understanding the lyrics. As the ride took little pace suddenly I saw a picture of my dad yes, in my driver it usually happens to me when I speak to elderly men The climate outside was getting cooler As... Continue Reading →

A trip of Faith

I was stuck on a small patch with hardly some grip and a group of thorn shrubs, trying to find my way up. Three people crossed me, I tried to follow but just couldn’t. I felt stuck with three people ahead, rest too behind to help. What next? A fourth person came by, I followed... Continue Reading →

Flashback – Travel’17

I am grateful that 2017 has proved to be a year full of beautiful experiences. A year where I managed to have 12 trips-some for a day, some for two and 2-3 trips of more than a week. During each trip I had experiences adding different shades to my personality. I realized my potential in... Continue Reading →

Things I learned from Maa

“Maa, I had a bad day, please keep the food and bed ready. Will just eat and sleep” “Okay beta,” As I hung up the call I realized how I would call her to get things while returning home from office. How she for all the years of her work life, never had a call... Continue Reading →

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