A trip of Faith

I was stuck on a small patch with hardly some grip and a group of thorn shrubs, trying to find my way up. Three people crossed me, I tried to follow but just couldn’t. I felt stuck with three people ahead, rest too behind to help. What next? A fourth person came by, I followed... Continue Reading →


Flashback – Travel’17

I am grateful that 2017 has proved to be a year full of beautiful experiences. A year where I managed to have 12 trips-some for a day, some for two and 2-3 trips of more than a week. During each trip I had experiences adding different shades to my personality. I realized my potential in... Continue Reading →

Things I learned from Maa

“Maa, I had a bad day, please keep the food and bed ready. Will just eat and sleep” “Okay beta,” As I hung up the call I realized how I would call her to get things while returning home from office. How she for all the years of her work life, never had a call... Continue Reading →

My idea of life

Imagine you have failed your final year exam, there is no chance of a re-exam. Imagine you are wasting a year & money is already spent for further course admission. You have never failed before and this one time you did, you doomed your parent’s money big time. What would you do? A. Cry, feel... Continue Reading →

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