Do It Right

I got to finally blogging every week, maintained a travel book, a monthly planner, an ideation book, read many books, drew few doodles/drawings and wrote poems for Insta posts. In one sentence, this is my entire 2017. I didn’t write poetry until Jan last year. There was a certain amount of fear I had about... Continue Reading →


Idea of self

A small attempt to understand the link between mirrors and perception of self ‘It’s been two years I haven’t seen myself in the mirror’ said Aniket Supe, an artist I had an opportunity to meet recently. I had a prolonged conversation on various topics with him but this statement replayed in my mind. In the... Continue Reading →

3 P’s to Practice

Two weeks into my last academic year in college, I realised I hadn’t learned something important - to put forth what I feel in my class, without the fear of being judged. I still didn’t have the guts to say what I felt, I wrote down things in my book but my lips didn’t manage... Continue Reading →

5Ws and 1H of Self-Growth

Who? The answer is you, one needs to have the will to change and become a better person. Here in the context of being a stronger person emotionally, the zeal to be stronger. You should feel that yes, I have to be stronger than this; I can't feel sad or broken every other day. I... Continue Reading →

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